GVO Story

The GVO Story Once upon a time there was a man with a vision. In 1998, Joel Therien launched a web hosting company, known as Kiosk.

He quickly realised many of his clients didn’t know how to generate revenue with their websites, so in 2004, he introduced a downloadable product known as Hot Conference.

This web conferencing tool cost almost $60 per month and was only in one language. However, it proved so popular, within just a few months his company ran out of bandwidth, and he couldn’t get any more from his local community in Canada.

Not only had he used up his bandwidth, but the majority of the town’s as well! What could he do? His clients loved his product and more were eager to have access, but without more bandwidth, reliability suffered.

Now Joel, like all good CEO’s puts his customers first. He sought a solution, and the one he came up with was a bit extreme by anyone’s standards. He moved location, not just a few miles up the road BUT several thousand miles to a different country!

In 2006, Joel started investigating alternatives and finally on 14th June 2007 moved his family, entire data centre operation AND loyal staff to Texas, the fibre optic mecca of USA.  Needless to say it was an upheaval, but far from losing customers during the transition, Joel’s Hot Conference users actually increased…even without him promoting the product.


In October, 2009, Joel, together with lifetime friend, Mike Potvin, re-launched Kiosk as GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities

This complete internet and marketing Titanium package is the most affordable one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to do any business online. It can also be a global business opportunity for anyone wishing to take advantage of it.

Not only does it provide phenomenal marketing tools BUT also high-quality professional training and first class 24/7 support. Joel bought and owns the land, the data centre, all the fibre optics, the software, and everything related to GVO, so doesn’t have to rely on any third parties.

This means he can offer his products at a considerably reduced price, making them affordable to all. One particularly useful part of the Titanium GVO Package is GVOConference.

This is a 10 room conference suite. Unlike the original Hot Conference, there is nothing to download onto your computer. You can use it to instantly communicate with invited guests. It’s ideal for uploading files, holding video calls, streaming videos, showing powerpoints, teaching, screen sharing and just generally connecting. You also have the option to upgrade to a bigger room with more seats, but… GVOConference is also a stand-alone product for anyone not wishing to invest in the full Titanium package.

Launched in September 2010 in FIVE different languages, GVO Conference on its own is so reasonable anyone with an internet connection and a job can afford this incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Unlike the original HotConference software, GVOConference does not have to be downloaded onto a computer, making it globally available, even if you’re on the move.

It’s affordable, simple, easy to use, easy to demonstrate and highly consumable, so if you want to improve or even build a business, this one tool could just be your solution. In 2010 with a 12-year track record behind them, thousands of loyal clients worldwide, and one of the best support and training systems available, it’s clear to see why GVO and its leaders, especially CEO, Joel Therien are so very popular.

As I said…

Once upon a time there was a man with a vision.