GVO Conference

Jean Shaw here.

According to the BBC news today, the average person spends almost one third of their day (8 hours) accessing some form of media.

Whether that’s the newspaper, radio, television, computer or mobile device, many of us access more than one thing at the same time.

I know I do.

The thing is we just like to know what’s going on, especially in areas that interest us, and that’s why this information could benefit YOU!

I happen to know pretty soon there’s going to be what’s predicted to be one of the biggest global launches in Internet history.

It’s for a tool, which will benefit everyone whether you’re an internet or network marketer, business owner, or just someone who wants it for personal use.

What is it?…


What’s that?

Well, it’s a webinar conference room, and it’s like having your very own TV station which you can personally invite people to attend.

All you need do is send them two login details.

There’s nothing to download on any computer.

All that’s required is an internet connection, which means even if you’re on the move and using a mobile device, or only have computer access at a friend’s house, the library or an internet cafe, you’ll be fine.

There are multiple chat rooms, all with webcam and audio facilities, and you can have more than one presenter on screen at the same time.

You can stream videos, give powerpoint presentations, share your screen, hold online chats and even record your work for the future.

That’s REALLY powerful, especially if you’re in any form of business.

Just think how much money, time and energy you’ll save on travel expenses, restaurants, meeting and hotel rooms by learning and training from the comfort of your own home or office, so you can spend it doing the things you REALLY want to do.

Then there’s the personal aspect of it.

You’ll be able to stay in touch with friends and families via long distance video conversations IF you want, whenever you want. No more waiting for that sometimes awkward hatch, match and despatch occasions – you know those births, weddings and funerals the kids hate going to.

If that wasn’t reason enough to check it out, you can also earn money with the product. There’s a built-in commission bonus and also if you feel you don’t need all your rooms you can rent or sell them.

It’s a generic, non-competitive product so you can use it and run the opportunity alongside whatever else you’re involved with.

That means you can both SAVE and EARN money at the same time!

Another important thing about GVOConference is it’s being launched in five different languages (initially), although more are planned.

Currently, these are English, German, Portugese, Russian and Spanish, which means GVOConference is ideally suited to the global market.

It’s truly international!

Flash based, GVOConference is compatible with all internet platforms and is priced so low ANYONE can afford to use it.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

How can she talk so confidently about something that’s not even on the market yet – right?

Well, the answer is GVOConference is already available – just not in the same powerful format.

Currently it’s part of the amazing Titanium package with GoGVO, the affordable one-stop source for ALL your essential online marketing tools.

Apart from the conference suite, these include things like domain and web hosting, blogging, e-Responder, Easy Video Producer, Competition Witness, Web Training and Full Support, which you can find at http://ItsMoreThanJustHosting.com

As not everyone wants all these phenomenal tools, GVOConference is being re-launched as a stand-alone product, more powerful and more accessible to anyone who sees the true value and potential.


If that’s YOU and you want to start making the news instead of spending one-third of your life consuming it, I highly recommend you go here to find out more.

Thanks for reading .

Jean Shaw