Work and connect with anyone,anywhere, anytime   If I told you GVOConference is a powerful audio/video conferencing suite that –

  • *Has a Global International Market
  • *Provides Immediate Satisfaction
  • *Has NO Shipping or Handling Costs
  • *Is Highly Consumable and Easily Demonstrable
  • *Has Superior Live Support 24/7
  • *Was launched in FIVE different languages
  • *Provides a built in Home Business Opportunity
  • *Offers a High Residual Income

and comes at a price point affordable for ANY Country in the world

what would you say?


That’s right …

===>>> LET ME IN!<<<===



If you’re looking for an easy way to communicate with friends, family, business associates, customers, prospects, or just want to have your very own TV station WITHOUT leaving the comfort of your home,  look no further. Available in English, German, Portugese, Spanish and Russian, this incredibly powerful internet tool is

  • affordable
  • practical
  • generic
  • non-competitive
  • multi lingual
  • easy to use
  • easy to demonstrate
  • nothing to download to your computer
  • dependable and proven
  • flash based
  • has full support
  • no global restrictions

ALL you need is an internet access (and it doesn’t have to be high speed either!) Discover how to SAVE yourself  TIME and MONEY, plus EARN an income doing it.

This web video conferencing suite could change your life…

Something great has come out of Texas

No – it isn’t oil or wheat

But powerful GVOConference

Another global treat!

Audio-visual conferencing

Provides easy tools to use

To build your brand and business

Or just share all your news

No matter what your platform

Be it Windows,Linux, or MAC

If you’ve an internet connection

This tool keeps you on track

What – you don’t speak English?

We’ve got that sorted too

GermanPortugese,  Russian

Or is Spanish best for you?

If you’re a network marketer

It saves both money and time

No costly hotel meetings

With those up and down your line

And if you market on the internet

You’ll need some K.L.T

. Here’s a way to build it

Your very own TV!

Perhaps you’re not in business

Just want to keep in touch

With distant friends and family

But can’t afford too much?

GVOConference could be the answer

It’s a global biz-op too

Inexpensive and non techy

May just be right for you?

Communication‘s changing

Don’t let it pass you by

Do yourself a favour

Give GVO Conference a try!